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RcR Corp. is a Romanian - Spanish company dedicated to the installation of agro-alimentary factories. Our specialty covers all alimentary sectors. From the preparation process to its effective implementation we counsel the clients in all aspects related to the project.


[December 12, 2006]

RcR group created a subsidiary in Romania to serve Eastern Europe, namely Romania, Ukraine, Poland and Republic of Moldavia. The objective of this subsidiary is to provide services, assistance and counseling to customers who have benefited or will benefit from projects of RCR GROUP.

[April 10, 2007]

RcR Corp. increases its capital up to Euros 100.000 € in order to strengthen its position on East European market established at the end of 2006.

[April 15, 2007]

RcR Corp. concluded 4 contracts for the construction of slaughterhouses in Romania and Poland all of them with the structural funds.

[August 18, 2007]

RCR Corp. increases its capital up to Euros 250.000  € in order to continue its expansion policy.

[December 18, 2007]

RCR Corp. signed 3 contracts for the construction of several projects in Romania and Poland.

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In RCR Corp. you can find a collaborator for the project of your dreams ... from the very beginning you will see that all your dreams come true. RCR Corp facilitates your path in order to achieve your dreams and solves all the problems encountered during the projection phase and that of effective implementation.


Technological Analysis of a pilot project

Economic analysis of a pilot project

3D view of the project

Subsequently, we offer all kinds of possibilities:


Mounting of heating panels

Installing the cooling equipment

Installing of supply equipment

Installing of industrial surveillance equipments

Initial services:

Counseling and operation of new manufacturing technologies

Counseling and planning techniques for the manufacturing process

Technical counseling and planning of the development processes

Counseling in organizing the activities

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