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RCR Corp executes any great project in all sectors of agro-alimentary industry, such as:



Interior Building

Fruit and vegetable processing factories

Meat processing factories

Pork, beef and sheep meat slaughterhouses

Chicken meat slaughterhouses

Sausages factories

Fresh and frozen bakery factory

Ice cream factory

Logistics Center

Pastry products factory

Cold stores Bi-Tempe

Freezing over factories

Refrigeration Echipment

RCR Corp. executes technical installations of any kind, with any kind of refrigerant, such as Freon, NH 3, CO2, and any kind of compressors: reciprocating, screw, open piston, semi-screw, etc.

We also execute highly qualitative installations by using copper condensers and stainless steel installations.

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Screew Echipment  500 Kw Power

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Cooper Condenser "V"

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Evaporator  Nh3

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Semi-Screew Echipment 300 Kw Power

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Piston Echipment

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Evaporator Blast-Freezer


Installations for large projects with total counseling for installations in technological processes such as:

Fruit and vegetables factories. 

Cutting meat factories

Pork, beef and sheep slaughterhouses

Chicken slaughterhouses

Sausages factories

Factories which produce fresh and frozen bakeries 

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3D Building Factory


3d Interior3d Interior3d Interior3d Interior3d Interior


We offer with a high degree of sophistication our control system ensuring your peace by facilitating the following aspects:

On-line control of the factory

24h/365 days monitoring system of the factory

Registration of all plant incidents

The possibility to extend the services of the factory

Temperature recorder approved according to HACCP standards

Supervision of the plant in local and remote mode

Alarm transmission by fax, SMS, e-mail, SMTP

Creation of a personalized diagram

Call-Center installation control


Economy Power

RCR world invites you to see how your entrepreneurial dreams come true. We invite you to meet us a bit by accessing the following page.



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